For Flora Ciccarelli designing jewellery is a lesson in following her true passion.

I wondered for years if you could love what you do and still make a living. Here I am with proof that it is possible.

My love (besides my husband and kids) has always been fashion. After years in the wrong field, a stroke of good luck brought me to the women’s accessories and home décor buying teams at Les Ailes de la Mode. I loved my work and my mentors, and following the birth of my children I wondered how I could stay home with them yet still pursue my passion.

After reluctantly attending a jewellery class with my lovely sister, a new adventure began! Home jewellery shows, hosted by me and by others, proved a great success, so it was only natural to graduate to selling in boutiques and, of course, having an online store.  Please check the ‘stockists’ page of my site to see where you can find my collections in and around the city or shop my current collection here.  I invite you to peruse the web site at your leisure and I hope you enjoy my creations.  A presto!

Live. Work. Create.